Google Click-to-Call Growing At A Rapid Rate

One of the foremost technologies transforming the way that local business reach their customers is mobile marketing. Google has been a huge proponent of this, making constant changes to their search results and AdWords campaign options to take advantage of the millions of cell phones and smartphones out there currently.

In a recent interview, Google revealed that Click-to-Call ads have been growing by 28% each month. These are especially helpful for local businesses because users can search for a service or store that they want to visit immediately, and when the ad comes up they can click it to place a call. It’s like an enhanced 411 service, but local advertisers can control what keywords and locations they want to target.

The massive growth that Google is seeing in Click-to-Call ads just goes to show how much these avenues are transforming the marketplace for local advertisers. The phone book is quickly going the way of the dinosaur, and if you aren’t phasing it out yet, you will be left behind.

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