Just What Is “Good” Content Anyway?

In light of the recent Google algorithm update targeted at Content Farmers, there has been much talk about content and its quality. There are definitely going to be some businesses that get caught in the crossfire between Google and these alleged content spammers. So how can you avoid getting your ranks lowered?

While nobody knows the exact formula to Google’s algorithm, it is generally thought that creating high quality content means to write completely original articles on your site that are written for human beings, not for search engines. If you are constantly considering keyword density, etc. while you write, it’s probably not going to qualify as good content in the eyes of the big G.

Also if you are using 3rd party sources to generate your content in bulk, you might want to reconsider. Hiring outsourcers used to be a surefire way to populate your site with content that, while not “good”, would be enough to get you some backlinks and raise your rankings. This type of content is exactly what Google is trying to penalize with this update.

Another thing to try is open up your website and pretend that you are visiting it for the first time. Is it easy to find the information that you are looking for? Would you be likely to recommend the site to somebody else searching for the same thing? This line of questioning can be very revealing on what you can change to improve the quality of your content. If you are too biased to make these observations on your own, ask a friend or a family member to visit the site and record their observations about it. It’s not often that business and website owners get that type of feedback from their normal visitors, and it can be invaluable.

Bottom line, these are just best practices and tips to help you sail the sea of Google. There is no guaranteed way to get high quality content, so just follow your best judgements and always be as objective as possible when evaluating your site.

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